“IMPCOPS” The Indian Medical Practitioners’ Co-operative Pharmacy and Stores Ltd., was established in the Year 1944 by the doyens and leading stalwarts of Indian Systems of Medicine like Vaidya Ratna Captain G.Srinivasamurthy, Professor Dr.C.Dwarakanath, former Adviser in Indian Systems of Medicine, Government of India, Dr.Y.Suryanarayana Rao, Ayurvedacharya, D.M.Visweswara Sastry, H.P.I.M., former Principal, Government College of Indian Medicine, Madras and Special Officer, Department of Indian Medicine, Government of Andhra Pradesh, Padmashri. “Service with Quality” and “Reasonability in Price” being its ideals, Impcops is engaged in the manufacturing of nearly 1000 no of preparations of centuries-old, time-proven traditional medicines in a reasonably modernized plant employing sophisticated techniques under expert supervision. The Medicines manufactured here are consumed by the public, Medical practitioners, and Government Hospitals. Initially, this Society was registered under the Tamilnadu Co-op. Societies Act 1932 on 6.4.1944 and started functioning from 12.9.1944 onwards. It was brought under the purview of the Multi-State Co-operative Societies Act under the control of the Central Registrar of Co-op. Societies from 1984 onwards. This institution is situated on a 9-acre plot purchased by the society way back in 1949. With a humble beginning with 400 Registered Medical Practitioners as its institutional members, it has grown in stature by incorporating nearly 17000 Registered Medical Practitioners as its present members.

This is one and the only unique organization working under Co. operative Sector in the entire Asia which is engaged in the manufacturing of all the three traditional Indian systems of Medicines namely Siddha, Ayurveda, and Unani under one roof. The institution has its second manufacturing Unit at Tadepalle, Andhra Pradesh, and a Regional Office at Vijayawada, A.P.

Now Impcops has been successfully guided by President Dr.R.Kannan M.D(S), Vice President Dr.M.Suresh ,M.D(S), and Secretary I/c Dr.K.Kader Mohideen B.Sc.,B.S.M.S.During the tenureship of Dr.Kannan, many activities have been successfully started and implemented. New buildings for the Prepared Medicine Stores Section and Centralised Packing section have been constructed. The Entrance of the Impcops building has been changed into a new look and new Medicinal Boards of Impcops Medicines have been placed in the outer walls of the Impcops Building, which will give more awareness to the Public about Impcops medicines. A New Hospital wing has been started in Puducherry, Theni, Coimbatore, Vijayawada in the respective Impcops Sales depot itself. New buildings have been constructed for Canteen, Toilet block, and also for the Pakasala section have been started. New Siddha, Ayurveda, and Unani medicines have been introduced for production. During their tenureship, their team had given a lot of new machineries for the production also and steps are taken to supply the Impcops medicines to Amma Marundhagam. Moreover, In the Tadepalle unit also, New buildings have been constructed to expand the unit for more production of Ayurveda medicines. Now Impcops is going to launch some veterinary medicines also. Number of kalvams has also been increased and constructed a new building for kalvam section to improve the production of medicines. Now, we can go through each section of Impcops.
Stores have the stock of standardized raw materials derived from plants, metals, and minerals origin numbering to around 1000. The Section is headed by a qualified doctors who receives the stock of raw materials and sends random samples to the laboratory for the necessary standardization, receives the stock of the same once it is approved by the lab and the experts, maintains its stock account, and distributes it to various manufacturing sections as per their indents of various medicinal formulations.
Section is headed by the qualified doctors manufactures Lehya, Taila, Ghrita, kashayams, Rasayanams, Arishta and Asavas.
Section is headed by the qualified doctors manufactures Rasas, Gutikas, Pills, Rasa Oushadas, Lepams, Sinduras,Bhasmas.
Section is headed by the Qualified doctors manufactures Mezhugu, Vennai,Manapagu, Thailams, Rasayanams, Lehyams.
Section is headed by the Qualified doctors manufactures Parpams, Mathirai, Mezhugu, Kuzhambu,Kalimbu,Chendurams, Karuppu,Karpam.

Section is headed by the Qualified doctors who with the men and machinery provided to him manufactures Arkhas, Advia, Haboobs, Halvajath, Ithrifalath, Javarishath, Khameerjath, Akhras, Khusthajath, Laboobath, Lavookath, Majoonath,Muffarahath, Marhams, Sanoon, Roghaniyath, Rubbajath, Safoofath, Sikanjabeenath, Asharaba, Zimadath, Zaroor.
Section is headed by the Qualified doctors who with the men and machinery provided to him manufactures Guggulus, tablets, Churnams. Churnam Tablets, Kwatha churnams, Gutikas.
Section is headed by the qualified doctors who with the men and machinery provided to him manufactures Churnams, Tablets, Mathirai, Kudineer, Vatagams. Almost all the preparations manufactured in all sections are Sastric formulations. The Section Incharge prepares indents as per the demand and gets the standardised raw materials from the R.D.Stores, processes the preparation maintaining the in-process standardisation techniques and after the completion of the process sends a random sample from the particular batch to laboratory for the final product standardisation and subsequently hands over the preparation to the centralised packing section for necessary packing.
This centralised packing section which is also headed by a qualified doctors and it receives all the medicinal formulations manufactured in various sections of the manufacturing plant, stores it temporarily and packing it as per the requirement (demand) and subsequently hands over the packed items to the prepared medicine stores.
Headed by a qualified doctors., this is the section which receives all the manufactured items neatly packed in various packings from the Centralised Packing Section, maintains its stock account and makes necessary arrangements to distribute the same to the various customers of the Institution like Members , Government Dispensaries, the Institution’s own Depots, and authorised Stockists and Distributors appointed by the Institution etc., Museum Institution has a very well maintained Museum comprising of various raw materials categorised into various forms in which they are used like roots, stems, barks, fruits, flowers, raw materials of metals and mineral origins, gum resins and extracts and raw materials of marine origin. The museum also has maintained the actual plants stored in formaldehyde for the purpose of identification. Majority of the Plants have also been preserved in the form of Herbarium Sheets. This Museum has been a big attraction for the students of various Indian Medical Institutions all over the country and also for the research scholars and scientists from various faculties of the Indian Medical Sciences.
Impcops has totally 18 depots in Tamilnadu state, 4 depots in Andhrapradesh, 2 depots in Telengana state, 1 depot in Karnataka and 2 depots in Kerala state. Totally Impcops have been manufacturing quality Ayurvedha, Siddha and Unani drugs in traditional manner and to serve to the people at affordable price.The main motto of Impcops is to serve the people for health and wellness of the society and spread Ayush medicines globally.