Botany And Chemistry Wings

Realising the importance of quality control in ensuring the stringent quality of the medicines that are being manufactured here, IMPCOPS has been striving hard in achieving this objective ever since from its inception.
In this regard, it has setup its own analytical lab, long back, comprising of two wings namely Chemistry Laboratory and Botany Laboratory.

In both of these labs, the raw materials which are exclusive to this system such as plant products, metals, minerals and animal products are thoroughly and systematically identified and analysed for their quality quantitatively in accordance with the standard values and standard procedures as stipulated by the Government of India.

Similarly every batch of finished products(medicines) is systematically and thoroughly analysed in both of these labs for which both the labs have created stringent standards in house in the past.

All minute details pertaining to raw materials and finished products have been arnered from various sources. So also enormous collection of herbarium sheets of useful herbs, wet and dry specimens of herbs, various specimens of metals, minerals and animal products are collected and exhibited in a spacious museum.

The above collections are proving to be a boon to those who are indulging in academic pursuit in the field of Indian Medicine and herbal botany standardisationlaboratory


Institution has a very well maintained Museum comprising of various raw materials categorised into various forms in which they are used like roots, stems, barks, fruits, flowers, raw materials of metals and mineral origins, gum resins and extracts and raw materials of marine origin. The museum also has maintained the actual plants stored in formaldehyde for the purpose of identification. Majority of the Plants have also been preserved in the form of Herbarium Sheets. This Museum has been a big attraction for the students of various Indian Medical Institutions all over the country and also for the research scholars and scientists from various faculties of the Indian Medical Sciences

Chemistry Laboratory

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