The hospital unit was established during 1986 considering the need of the people. Recent years the overwhelming response to siddha from the allopathy, in-patient unit has also been started during 2011.This hospital unit is located at the entrance of the IMPCOPS production unit, running with well versed siddha, ayurvedha and unani doctors panel.

We have established a small hospital of our own with an outpatient department in our premises. In our Inpatient Department which functions on ambulatory basis we give pachakarma and other special indigenous treatments for various diseases.

Our hospital has been recognised for treating State and Central Government Employees in the year 1987, by Tamilnadu Government.

Our hospital has reimbursement facility for the State and Central Government employees of Tamilnadu. The OP time starts from 9.00 am to 6.30 pm. On an average 90-100 patients are getting cured daily for various ailments. This unit also has 2 massage unit with steam bath facility for both male and female. In-patient unit is furnished with 2 air conditioned suits, 2 general ward separately for gents and ladies and 2 rooms.


Our Patient Department

Hospital Out-Patient Department provides treatment for patients in all three faculties of Indian Medicine.

In Patients Department (Ambulatory Treatment) Only.In Patients Department (Ambulatory Treatment) Only.


Effective treatment for chronic skin diseases like Kalanchapadai(psoriasis), Iraippu Noi alias Swasakasam (Bronchial Asthma) and Sobai (Dedema) with the traditional Agamarunthugal (Internal Medicines) and puramarunthugal ( external Medicines) as enunciated in the traditional Siddha literatures


For Amavata (Rheumatism), Sandhivata (Arthritis), Nadi Vikara ( Nervous disorders) etc., the following special treatments are also offered

  1. Snehana Karma(Oleation Therapy) such as Dhara, Sirovasti, Pichu, Kayaseka etc.
  2. Swedana Karma (Sudation therapy) such as Annalepana,Pindosweda, Sirolepana, Pathrabhangasweda etc.
  3. Basti Karma (Enema therapy)
  4. Nasya Karma (Errhine therapy)
  5. Akshi tarpana(Special Opthalmic treatment) and Akshirogas(eye disorders)


Special treatments for Yarkhan(Jaundice) Warmai jiger ( Inflammation of liver), Warmai Tihai (Inflammation of Spleen), Warmai Sikham( Inflammation of abdomen) and Qhuroohai Meda ( Peptic Ulcer)

Variety of Treatments :

  1. Abhyanga/ Thokkanam only
  2. Abhyanga and Pathrabhangasweda/Mooligai Otthadam
  3. Ekanagadhara and Pathrabhanga sweda.
  4. Sirodhara only
  5. Kayaseka only
  6. Sirodhara and Kayaseka
  7. Shastika pinda sweda
  8. Shastika sweda for children of 12 years age and below:
  9. Abhyanga and Bashpasweda
  10. Basti
  11. Akshi tarpana or Putapaka
  12. Sirovasti
  13. Uduvartana

Reimbursment facilities Available AT IMPCOPS:

As per G.O.MS No. 2231 dated. 05.12.89 Health,Indian Medicine and Homoeopathy, the Tamil Nadu Government has appointed the following three Doctors of the Impcops as Authorised Medical Attendants so as to enable the employees of State and Central Govt. to have treatment in our Hospital run by the Impcops and also to get reimbursement of the cost of Medicines prescribed by these Doctors.

  1. President – Impcops
  2. Secretary – Impcops
  3. Assistant Secretary – Impcops ( Hospital Wing)
  4. Proceedings of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India, No.S 14025/84-Ms. dt. 11-2-87.